How to Make Money with Ad Trackers

The majority of online businesses are unaware of the need to track their ad campaigns and the power of ad tracking tools.

If you promote trackers as an affiliate you will have a vast and eager audience.

Agree ?

So how would you carry out your promotion activities ...

Let's say you select a particular tracker.

One way would be to post classified ads.

Here's a better way: write a product review explaining how you use the tracker yourself. I use this method myself with other products I promote. Take a look here if you would like to see how.

But I'm now going to suggest an even better way.

If you can write about trackers in general - why you need them, how they work, the pros and cons of individual products - then your audience will be far more responsive.

Put all that information in a book with affiliate links - give it away free - and you would have a winner.

Ad Tracking SuperTips

But you don't have to write the book.

It's already written.

Waiting for you to customize it with your own affiliate links.

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PS. If you have not yet
read the book it's here